Break up as a new start…

Everything was so well…. You loved each other…. Every day you kept on telling your friend how beautiful couple you are. With him the world was yours and everything on it. It lasted a while… A happy while… You had not even managed to enjoy your happiness when it came… BREAK UP!!!!!!

You understand that it is the sorrow of the life because you have all your dreams broken: dreams to which you gave your life to. You are alone in a half dark room, the object of your sufferings is enjoying his life: you can see it from his social network’s photos. Now are jealous.  You are looking for ways to bring him back. You keep on calling his friends asking about him. But he is silent. What to do?


  1. No man worths your tears.
  2. If you do not want him to run away from you, stop chasing him,
  3. If he loves you, he will be back.
  4. If he is not back, that means he doesn’t love you. Do you need someone who doesn’t love you? Think about this properly.

How to keep yourself away from depression?

  1. Work is the best antidepressant. GO TO WORK or find one.
  2. Go out with your friends.
  3.  Get acquainted with new friends, visit exhibitions, galleries, parks etc with them.
  4. Find for you new dreams, chase your new dream,
  5. Listen to music,  read books and comics,
  6. FADE AWAY all your memories about him and realize that he was an experience for you, now you got it and when the day comes you will meet the right person.

Break up doesn’t imply the end of life. It is the beginning of a new one. Try to learn to overcome the worst moments without him, later you will get used to it.

And now…. Welcome new LOVE!!!


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