I am sitting alone in a cafe.  I remember  what has happened yesterday.

Oh,  My God, I can not get rid of your shadow. My last desperate hope is fading away when nights come. Then another morning, then it will be another week, month and life will pass by like a scenary outside the car window. The grim mood grasps me. I try to suppress memories about you, but in vain. Every time I close my eyes like in a flashback I see you passing near the café window where I am sitting now. More than half a year without even the slightest trace of you. Yesterday for a few seconds there was only a thin sheet  of glass between us. If I outstretched my hand I would touch you. During last half a year I was striding forward tring to leave the strain of unhappy past behind. But your yesterday’s wretched look made my speed colapse . A few seconds and my dream word  faded away. My crispe decisive to forget you forever vanished like  dismal weather.  I have always been sure that our meeting was imment. But yesterday I was not strong enough to see you. To be honest I am remotely pleased that I have seen you. There is only one happy point in all these mass. YOU DID NOT SEE ME!!!!


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