Memeories…..(from ‘Everything based on nothing’ by G. Gh.)

Grace approached the window. A calm night was watching at her through the window with the help of thousand shining eyelike stars. She was captured by the beauty of the Moon. ‘I hate the moonlight, because it is so beautiful and he is not here to see it with me.’ She remembered this sentence without any particular effort. How many times she said this very sentence in a night like this since she had been alone. This was a sentence from the first English book that she had read: Daddy-Long-Lags by Jean Webster.

Nothing is completely wrong or nothing is completely right. Life is like a link of opposite items. In order to reach somewhere first we must leave, in order to live first we must die and in order to love first we must hate.

What is the memory? I guess it is when I feel your scent every time closing my eyes and I fall in your embrace. It is when I remember your hands caressing my neck. It is when, from the memories of your palms on mine when you were holding me with an I-will-never-give-you-anyone look, tears just conquer my eyes. Memories never dies, they accompany us during all our life. Man is created rather strong to carry the heavy weight of memories with him during all his years.


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