‘Time cures, time erases memories,’ said by an idiot.

Never in my whole life I have loved so much as now. Never in my life I have needed you so badly. Never before the smell of wind was more like your caresses: so gentle and always adorable. Never before I wanted to see you more than now I want. Never… Never… and again this stupid never.

Something forgotten is again on my lips. I have not forgotten anything. I have been fighting inside of me for so long time. I have tried to build a new life for me as you once wished. When, leaving me, you asked to build my own life without you could you guess that I would always fail? You were my power, my will… the very one that always made me smile instead of crying.

‘Time cures, time erases memories,’ said by an idiot. Nothing like that. Nothing and no one can ever erase the warmth of your lips from mine. I can not even beg you to come back as you will not. It will be even very silly. I do not ask anything, strangely enough. I have got used  living with his pain in my chest. Like it has always been so and like it is the most natural thing ever. I do not afraid of anything any longer. Losing you I have nothing to lose. That is all about me and this is nothing at all. If beforehand I could only knew that I would be so incomplete without you.

Silence, so natural and so breathtaking….I was always sure that for us there was one heart beating…..That was our hearts which grew into one. It has been 2 years and today I came to realize that there is still one heart to beat for both of ours. And that heart is mine…. Only mine. Yours will never beat again.


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