Love through the prism of loose…

You are not sleeping.  You are thinking about the reasons. You are thinking about the faults. You are think and thinking and thinking. You are dreaming. Rain, thunderstorm, lighting…. You do not hear this any longer. Only some joyful laugh is on your ears. Midnight. You get out off your bad. You are looking for something. You are looking for it all around the house. What are you looking for? An hour later, not finding anything, you switches on your computer. You are opening each folder, you are nervous. In the mess of all these documents you are lost. You spend another hour in front of computer. Then you open the window ‘to search’ and types her name. Another window opens which says that no folder is found. Stupid boy! What are you looking for? Are you looking for her? When she was waiting for your call, you were  sleeping. When she was dreaming of you, you threw away the gifts, that she had given you. When she was asking for an excuse for the mistake made by you in order not to lose you, you were not answering her calls. While she was looking at the piece of a stupid paper on which there was your signature, you were deleting  her photos from your computer. You have already deleted all your memories about her.

Now you are looking for her, the one who has ever loved you and would love no matter the circumstances. Her visit is coming less often.You have already forgotten the features of her face. You miss her, you are sick without her. You know perfectly she will never be back, you will never  see her photo any longer, you will never see her. Each time when you want to smoke , her voice will shout in your eyers  ordering not to smoke. Each time looking in the mirror, you will understand, that she was the only person who made you smile.

She was the only person whom you loved and you love. And she is the only person whom you have lost forever.

P.S. (by author) Actually I was against writing this article, but I have promised. This is a real story of one of my friends. Love is really something  unexpected. We  often make mistakes as we are only humans. It is never late to ask for an excuse. It is never late to let the other know about you feeling till your hearts are still beating. Never make another mistake as you have already done one. Never be afraid of being called a loser. Loser is not the person who fails, but the person who never tries. I am sure, you are strong.

It is so easy to lose the love. Love is always like a sweet white rose: difficult to hold safe and easy to spoil and lose. No matter what was your mistake, love will show you a way to bring everything back. You should bring everything back except the mistaken love. Never try to bring back the person who doesn’t love. Never bring back the wrong person.  Remember, every person worths the greatest love and it is so close.


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