Never the same again…

Sometimes things happened in our life and we understand that after them nothing will be the same again.

Feelings, emotions, ways of  looking,  hopes…. Nothing can be repeated. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to feel the same again. There are things which are destined to happen only once. They happed once but for forever. The unpredictability of life always denies all the hope of the happiness of past. Things come into our life and change it forever. Sometimes we think when have all these started? Only rather late we understand that they began so long ago. It was been some years. Every moment is the end of something very important, every moment we lose someone very important, very special. As you feel evil and betrayal you heart you will always look back with the hope to find a small piece of past. Buy never. Never again and nevermore. Even if you cry, shout, break everything down. It is never going back.

You will never feel in the heaven like it was……..



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