Alone VS Lonely

There is a great difference between being alone and being lonely.

If you are ALONE, it means that you do not have a boy/girlfriend and you do not want.

But if you are LONELY, it means that you do not have a boy/girlfriend, but you eager to have your beloved with you.

Loneliness is always looking for a friend and when it finds someone, it is stays around rather long. Loneliness is the kind of friend which never betrays, lies, causes pain. It always walks with you along the street, hold you tight in a cold night. Being lonely for rather long time is always deafens all the emotions and feeling in your heart, you forget about consciousness, ability of thinking. Rather long loneliness is not a good advisor. Never let the loneliness lead you, control you. Never let the loneliness close the doors of your heart in front of love, care, happiness.

Loneliness is not a way of living. Great proportion of it causes serious mental disease. It will be very difficult to find any treatment for this. Loneliness is as serious mental disease as love.


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