Saying good-bye….

The most sad word has always been good-bye… That most inconvenient  moment ever when you try to pronounce that word but it has stuck in your throat. Each good-bye implies a new hello but as you hear only your empty footsteps  and you see only your shadow elongated by the evening sun along the corridor, it matters no more . You lock the sorrow of this very moment deep in your heart in order not to burst out into tears. This is the moment when you think about the future more  often. What will happen? Will you meet each other once again? Each time a  person leaves us, no matter the circumstances and the relations with us, we die partially as he/she takes some part of us forever.

As a person with a huge experience of saying good-bye to the greatest friends, I am sure that one get used to living this kind of life. I got used to living with my waiting soul, waiting them back one day. And they are back, as a regular rule. Only the hardest thing is not waiting them back, the hardest thing is to find a friend who is  worth to be waited back. Best friends are experienced by time, life, difficulties and sorrows.


Dedicated to all my dearest friends, who are not in Armenia now…. Miss you, guys.


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